So Why Broken Bird?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Big question!

I have always been fascinated with the Icarus story..and how it describes us as a people and me in my more personal times.

We have, and maybe you can share this with me, a habit of just stretching ourselves a little too far and then tumbling back to earth, sometimes with a bump!

But...and this is for me the most wonderful of all, what we create, dream about, write and build about is truly amazing..we are truly Broken Bird, yes we all are, but when we can fly, with both wings, men and women, art and science then we can really reach for the sun.

You know I love music right?

I have recently, and particularly during this lockdown, fallen back in love with acoustic instruments.

Now I am using a fretless classical made by the most wonderful Can Oral from Izmir, Turkey.. you can find out more about him at there will be a lot more about his wonderful guitar he made for me min the next few posts and I am delighted to announce our upcoming partnership. He is a really talented maker and a really nice guy's a taster ..recorded using a mobile phone..but I hope you will get a sense of it.

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