The story so far...

With the creation of Broken Bird Music, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mehal pays homage to life, love, courage and the broken parts in all of us. 


The first album, Oranges and Seals, about love, loss and renewal, features Marty Wilson-Piper, Dare Mason and influences from their work with Van Morrisson, The Church, All about Eve. Don't miss the anti-love song, Esteban and Juliet, guaranteed to get you shaking and moving.


Caress, a live album, inspired by Broken Bird's tour of Malaysia and China, searches for spirituality among the minority voices heard in those countries. 


One Woman Album produced in a partnership between Pedro de Sousa and Mehal explores the depths of a relationship from joyous and beautiful to haunting and painful while blending acoustic sounds with the psychedelic. Don't miss Wave, the crying out for the need to be human or the end cover of Portishead's classic Glory Box. 





After a severe accident in 2016, Mehal took a break from producing new works and found sanctuary in the welcoming streets of Lisbon, Portugal. "I guess as Bowie want to Berlin to clean up, I went to Lisbon to get my head together."


Gritty songwriter, guitarist and singer Mehal of Broken Bird paints stories of survival and like Tom Waits, gives drama even to  the darker broken parts of the soul that we keep hidden from sight, but connects all of us.


Heavy on the indie-blues, Broken Bird's songs have featured hints of jazz, neo-punk, funk, and soul echoing influence from David Byrne, David Gilmour, Nick Drake, John Martyn, even the late Beatles from Revolver to John Lennon's Revolution


Present. Future.

In 2020, the results of that break come together in Revival, the new album written and recorded in Kiev with an entirely new sound and sense of Broken Bird coming into his own. 


"I wanted to write an album that was dramatic and told the story of the joy of life and this coming album is exactly that, mostly instrumental blending western and eastern influences.

 More than that I want it to be as live as possible.. authentic.. "

Now concentrating on Middle Eastern sounds, Ouds,Fretless Guitars this will be an interesting journey.